HDJ 6 Inch Cordless Mini Chainsaw with 2PCS 10000mah Batteries,Electri – HDJ Sign

HDJ 6 Inch Cordless Mini Chainsaw with 2PCS 10000mah Batteries,Electric Chainsaw One-Hand Pruning Shears for Wood Cutting Tree Branch Trimming

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Key Feature:

  • Provides your tool with longer run-time, more torque, and more power. 16.4 ft/sec ultra-high chain speed takes only about 8 seconds to cut a 6" diameter log. ONE-HAND USE - Due to its 2.9lb slim body, small in size, comfortable to hold, and convenient access to all places. Very suitable for women and the elderly, and will not feel tired after a long time of use.

  • 2Pack 21V lithium battery that lasts about 120 minutes, longer than most batteries on the market. A full charge takes just 3 hours. Lithium-ion batteries with self-overload and temperature protection provide a much longer battery life.

  • security measures to ensure that the Handheld chainsaw has reliable safety: Switch lock to prevent accidental activation to protect your family. It adds a safety cover flip to prevent wood splashing. Safe with Chain Brake - The chain stops precisely for more safety and accurate cut.

  • The electric chainsaw has been installed, you only need to adjust the screw tightness and fully charge the battery before you use it, Equipment maintenance only needs simple oiling and wiping.

  • Our Electric Mini-Chainsaw Has a Wide Variety of Usages Wood Cutting Pruning Small Branches and Shrubs Home Gardening Orchard Pruning WIDE APPLICATION: Our Electric Mini-Chainsaw Has a Wide Variety of Usages Wood Cutting Pruning Small Branches and Shrubs Home Gardening Orchard Pruning EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA: Great for Husband, Wife, Parents, DIYer, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, House Warming PACKAGE ACCESSORIES: as the picture show that.
    *5 Easy Installation Steps for Your HDJSign Neon Sign*

    ( 1 ) Wall Anchors
    ( 2 ) Metal cylinders with 2 bolts
    ( 3 ) Coated screws

    Step 1: Decide where you want to showcase the captivating glow and mark those spots on your wall.
    Step 2: Use a drill to create holes for the wall anchors.
    Step 3: Insert the wall anchors securely into the holes.
    Step 4: Attach the metal cylinders to the wall anchors by drilling screws through them. Remember, there are two shock bands that will help snugly secure the acrylic in place.
    Step 5: Finally, tighten the screws into the metal cylinders, ensuring a sturdy and secure installation.

    *Free installation and hanging items are provided.*

    The size of your HDJSign neon sign is determined by the length of the sign's longest side, whether it's the height or length. If the sign is taller than it is long, the height measurement will be used to determine its size.

    Please keep in mind that the provided mockup image is for reference purposes only. The actual product you receive will correspond to the size specified in your order.

    For larger sizes over 41 inches, the sign may be split into 2 or 3 pieces, depending on the design. This is done to ensure safe transportation and offer more reasonable pricing. Rest assured, the division of the sign will not affect its quality or aesthetics. The acrylic material used is transparent, and when the pieces are assembled, they will seamlessly come together, creating a flawless look. You don't need to worry about multiple wires either, as only one power cord is required to power the entire sign.

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    Please keep in mind that if any changes are made to your order, it may result in a delay in the delivery time. The extent of the delay will depend on the nature of the changes and the additional time required to adjust your order accordingly.


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